ASC Young People: Accessing Services During Covid-19

different services_final_11.9.20Young people rely on a wealth of services in areas such as education, health, social care, housing and justice. COVID-19 changes to everyday life have impacted service delivery in different ways, such as through digitisation, withdrawal and eligibility criteria revision. Young people in need of multiple services can have the most precarious transitions to adulthood, raising questions about the short and long term impact of service interruption.

This project uses digital methods to capture young people’s views and experiences of COVID-19 related service change, specifically responding to the following questions:

  • How has service delivery changed for young people during COVID-19?
  • What do young people think about these changes?
  • What is the long term impact of service modification or interruption?

The findings will be used to inform policies and practices connected with the essential services that young people access.

If you are aged 14-25 and live in England complete the survey here: 

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