Academic articles

Brooks-Wilson, S., (2018), Towards a Minimum Mobility Standard? An Examination of Childhood Deprivation and Youth Justice Journey Adversity (under review)

Snell, C., and Brooks-Wilson, S., (2014), Education for Sustainable Development and Welfare Reform: A Very British Case Study? in Fitzpatrick, T., (ed) International Handbook on Social Policy and the Environment, Cheltenham: Edward Elgar.

Brooks-Wilson, S. and Snell, C., (2012) ‘Hard to Reach’ or ‘Accessible when Approached’? Sustainable Development Discussions with Marginalized Pupil GroupsChildren, Youth and Environments, 22:2, 1-24.

Wilson, S.J., and Snell, C., (2010), ‘Bad for the penguins … because they need ice and that to live on’: An Exploratory Study into the Environmental Views, Concerns and Knowledge of Socially Disadvantaged Young People, Journal of Youth Studies 13: 2, 151 – 168

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